Private Charter Jet Rates

Are you wondering what it costs to charter a private jet? Our website will help you with the ins and outs of chartering a private jet on a budget. We know the rates of chartering a private jet and we also know tricks to bringing the cost down (such as booking empty legs). All will be revealed on this page on private charter jet rates.

US Private Jet Charter Rates

Let’s take the United States, for example. Let’s say you want to fly from Southern California to another part the US (such as Carlsbad, California to Orlando, Florida). One could charter a Challenger 350 (a 9-person plane) for $30,975.

Or, one could charter a flight from Carlsbad, California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in a Citation CJ3 (a 7-person plane) for $10,950. Because this plane is smaller, requires less crew, and less fuel, the rate is significantly lower.

Both of these flights are what’s called an “empty leg” charter. Meaning: A private jet is already scheduled to fly to a certain destination and you are simply chartering the return flight (or vise versa).

Another availability we’ve seen is a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico flight to Carlsbad, California in a Citation XLS (a 9-person plane) for $15,000. That, of course, would make a good return option for a group returning back to Southern California from Cabo.

Back in the domestic realm, we’ve seen an empty-leg availability from Key West, Florida to Wilmington, Delaware on a Citation CJ4 (8 person) for $16,500 and the opposite trip for $14,100. Others that come to mind are:

  • Concord, North Carolina to Naples, Florida (Phenom 300, 6-person) for $10,400
  • Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California (Phenom 300, 9-person) for $13,800
  • Chicago, Illinois to Fort Myers, Florida (Citation Excel, 7-person) for $11,000
  • Chicago, Illinois to Orlando, Florida (Citation Excel, 9-person) for $11,900

Also, the distance to be traveled has a lot to do with the rate of the private jet charter. For example, if a flight only flies from Houston, Texas to Dallas, Texas in something like a Learjet 55 (6-person), you could be looking at only $6,100. And an even closer distance than that (like Las Vegas, Nevada to Palm Springs, California), only $3100 in a Citation V (7-person).

Empty-leg charter flights such as these can be booked through a private jet broker that specializes in empty-legs. Through them, you can also join a list and get notified of any new empty-leg flights that get listed.


In the European side of the world, one can charter a private jet for as little as £2,500. We know of flights such as these that fly from London, England to East Midlands, England (and vice versa) as well as Isle of Man to London (and vice versa). However, those are just within the British Isles. Private jet charters from London to Chambery, France aboard a Citation CJ1 (4 person) we’ve found to be as little as £4,000. Or London to Belgium on a Learjet 45 (4-person) for £3,500. Or London to Nice, France aboard a Learjet 40 (6-person) for £6,500. How about London to Croatia on a Citation CJ1 (6-person)? £9,500 (and the reverse flight being £7,500).

As for private jet charters that don’t include London or England at all, one can charter a private jet from Paris, France to Istanbul, Turkey on a Praetor 600 (9-person jet) for €21,500. Or Rome, Italy to Naples, Italy on a Citation Excel (8-person) for $12,521. Or how about from Geneva, Switzerland to Paris, France onboard a Citation CJ2 (7-person jet)? We found that for only $3,783.

Once again, these are all budget-friendly, empty-leg flights that can be booked via a brokerage that specializes in these charters.


As for Asia, one can book a private charter from Bangkok, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan aboard a Gulfstream G-V (a 14-person plane) for €63,080. And, while not quite Asia, but on another larger plane (an 18-person Embraer Lineage 1000), can be chartered from Birmingham, England to Dubai, United Emirates for $54,670.

Once again, all of these empty-leg flights can be browsed and others discovered here.